After a season of recovery and renewal, we’re entering into the next phase of community life together. Last year, we launched a new nonprofit (the Center for Prophetic Imagination) and a few months ago, our community-mates Zed and Wyatt bought the house across the street. And so, we’re currently residing between two households.

As these things have unfolded, we’ve discerned a new vision for life together. It isn’t all that different than what it used to be. But it seemed important for us to mark a new season of life together. And along with a new “rule of life” we’ve adopted a new name: The Wildflower Worker.

Why the name change? Well, since we no longer have regular worship together and only Mark is formally connected with the Mennonite church, we wanted a broader name. We also wanted to signal to folks that, while our relationships with the Mennonite church remain important to us, we want to welcome people from other denomination, no denomination, and even folks of different faiths, to explore life with us.

In coming months, we’ll be renovating space to allow for new live-in members, we’ll be exploring the idea of “affiliate membership.” And more. Stay tuned!

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