Our Way of Life

These are our shared commitments for life together. To help us experience deep life, we are committed to the following:

Solidarity: Inspired by Jesus as he loves the oppressed, we aren't interested in mere charity; we will challenge oppressive social relationships. We are committed to justice that flows from relationships with those experiencing injustice.

  • We will challenge our own way of experiencing the world by listening to the stories of those most crushed by the powerful.
  • Building relationships of deep compassion, we will share in the struggle of the oppressed by taking their needs and wants seriously.
  • We won’t privilege our safety and comfort at the expense of our neighbors.
  • Through friendship, a simple meal, or an offer of lodging, we will extend hospitality to those alienated by empire because of race, ethnic or cultural background, legal status, social status, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, or ability.

Jubilee: When Jesus began his ministry, he evoked the ancient language of Jubilee—a time when the land was allowed to rest, slaves were released, and all debts were cancelled.

  • We will be a community of mutual aid rather than mere self-interest.
  • In all of our actions, we will seek to live as fellow creatures within our watershed.
  • We will share our abundance with those who show greater need.
  • We will be mindful of the trap of capitalism and consumerism, as it is a tool for oppression, by curbing the constant need for more things.
  • In our buying, we will seek to honor the earth and the workers who made our goods.

Sacred Contemplation: We live our lives in the presence of the divine. We recognize that we need to live into a sacred dance and conversation with Mystery to sustain our humanity, in order to bring liberation wherever we go.

  • Like Jesus, we will seek to find a balance between action and contemplation, remaining engaged in the struggle while taking time to nourish our souls.
  • We commit to a daily rhythm of prayer, of contemplation, of meditation, of sacred reflection, so that we can experience the transformative presence of the Creator in all of life.
  • We will continue the ongoing work of self-discovery and self-exploration, realizing that the journey into Mystery is also a journey into ourselves.

Resistance: To evoke heaven on earth we must resist systems of oppression that search to strip us of our humanity. We are inspired by the prophets who dedicated their lives to truth telling and acts of liberation, including (but certainly not limited to): Audre Lorde, Martin Luther King Jr., James Baldwin, Saint Francis, Simone Weil, Dorothy Day, Marsha P Johnson, Marguerite Porete, Oscar Romero, Jesus...

  • Like Jesus we will follow the path of the prophets who rejected respectability to challenge the powerful. He told subversive stories. He mocked the mighty. He exposed religious hypocrisy. He chased the bankers out of the Temple. He did all of this in the service of life.
  • We won’t remain silent in the face of oppression.
  • We will act to dismantle systems that bring violence to people and the land.
  • We will remember joy in the work, finding time to celebrate victories in the midst of the ongoing struggle for justice.